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19 Inch Modular Chassis
Box PC compact

Box PCs - From flexible to mini

Box PCs are available in almost countless versions.

The decisive factor here is which expansion options, interfaces, mounting type and computing power are required. Environmental influences such as temperature and shock/vibration also affect the design.

For a rough classification, we have divided the Box PCs into five categories:


+ many extension options
+ many interfaces
+ highest computing power

Different configurations with always the same basic unit

Box PC with Slots
Box PC many Interfaces


+ good expansion options
+ many interfaces
+ high computing power

Covers most requirements with one device


+ Resistant to shock and vibration
+ IP65 possible

For harsh environments or vehicles

Box PC IP65
Box PC compact


+ small size
+ many interfaces still possible
+ Mounting also via DIN rail

Ideal where space is limited


+ Minimal size
+ Can also be mounted on a DIN rail

For the smallest tasks, e.g. in the IoT environment


Box PC Mini

With the large number of models available, it is not possible to list everything here.

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