Environmental protection

Environmental Protection

CO2 neutral since 2015!

Part of our company philosophy is to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. To this end, we have taken a number of measures to save energy and recycle.

First and foremost for us is the avoidance of CO2.

Since 2010 we use only green electricity from Naturstrom. Naturstrom is one of the few real green electricity providers. There are big differences. What is real green electricity you can read here (German) and here (German), for example.

Our webhoster, and therefore this website, also works with green electricity.
In 2013, our building was modernized and provided with external insulation and triple-glazed windows. This enabled us to significantly reduce the consumption of heating energy.

When sending parcels, we rely on CO2-neutral transport with DHL GoGreen.

We also try to reuse packaging material. In Germany, more than 8 million tons of packaging in the form of paperboard, paper and cardboard are produced every year. This also saves our customers money.
To simplify recycling, we use adhesive tape and shipping bags without plastic.
We have also converted letters to e-mail as far as possible.

Unfortunately, it is still difficult to prevent or reduce CO2 in all areas. Sometimes it doesn’t even make sense to buy new, more economical computers or cars, for example, because a very large proportion is already produced during production. We have therefore decided not to replace cars, computers and cell phones every one or two years, but to use them longer.

In addition, we compensate the CO2 that is produced by heating, our cars or by shipping deliveries. This has made us CO2 neutral since 2015!

Here we have supported the following projects: