About us

About us

About us

Over 20 years of experience

We have been there for you at the Kaufbeuren location in Alläu since 2006. First under the name “System Solutions” and now with a fresh corporate identity as “Gossner Systems”.

Our employees have been working in the field of industrial computers for a long time and so we can benefit from over 20 years of experience in this field.

We started as a system integrator especially in the field of 19″ industrial computers. Through constant expansion, we are now able to offer a wide range of products.

What is important for us

Closeness to the customer
We always have an open ear for you and are ready to give our best for your projects.

Tried and tested processes, good documentation and comprehensive output controls enable us to ensure consistently high quality.

Always looking for something new, improving existing products or creating new ones is what drives us.

Satisfied employees
Our employees appreciate the flexible working hours, independent work and attractive workplaces.

Environmental protection
Environmental protection is very important to us. You can find out more about this on the following page.